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Festivals & Sporting Events

We turn every event into a visual sensation

With decades of experience, we know exactly what your event needs. Just like that – from the logistics to the directional signs. From branding to original promotional products. This is our adrenaline – we live and breathe festivals.

Len women's European U-19 Water Polo Championships – Wingate 2022

Israman 2022, Eilat Israel

Uniformity, visual language and… Name tags?

Every event producer knows that his work is not over until the last of the participants is on the way home. The work is not finished until the lights do not go out. We're here to help you – advise, brand, print and reassure. If there's anything we can wholeheartedly promise you, it's support from start to finish.

Israel Water Polo 2022 – Wingate

Israel Taekwondo Federation 2022

Race Eilat 2021

Red Sun Diving Festival 2022

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