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Graphic design

Any creative idea starts from a dream, word, thought or line on a page
. Our professional graphic design and advertising department, agile and high-quality, provides everything required – from logo design
, full business branding, production of advertising videos.We are here to offer you the
best solution for you and build the design language that suits what you
really need.Graphic design applications are performed by our professional printing
department. All advertising materials will be available to you quickly and of
the highest quality – from business cards, flyers, catalogs, menu booklets, fabric and apricot banners
in all types of finishes to signs. Outdoor in all the different techniques.

Branding & Printing

Branding and executing each event requires an overview of all the details and impeccable implementation of the concept. In order for the participants to get the perfect experience, it is important to take any image product with the utmost seriousness.
In the C-Media branding department, you will receive the perfect branding package for your event from the design level to the production and installation level.

Our printing capabilities are diverse and include digital printing, SNS and banner prints up to 3.2 meters wide on roll length. These capabilities actually allow us to provide an available, fast and professional response to any branding requirement whether it is about branding a store or business and even if it is about large events such as various sporting events, festivals, shows, conferences and more.

Festivals & Sporting Events

Every event starts from a dream. The dream becomes a reality when the lights come on and the participants crowd the place. Proper design, branding and planning of any festival or multi-participant event requires proven experience in the field. Truth? Events and festivals are us!

Advertising products

The best way to promote an event or business is with the added value that the customer receives. When it comes to advertising and promotional products, it is important to maintain product quality and production accessibility. We give you the best solutions for creating branded advertising products. Our guarantee is for the best quality, according to your requirements and includes issuing a standard mark if necessary from both the East and Europe and the USA.


Photography is an integral part of any advertising or branding campaign. Each advertising concept must also consist of a collection of original images that reinforce the brand.
The photography department specializes in advertising photography, product photography, food photography, fashion photography, atmosphere and image photography such as sporting events, festivals, shows and more, as well as field photography from a drone.

Digital Department

Our professional team will be at your disposal with a variety of solutions in the digital field: building image sites, purchase sites, development of management systems, information, applications and games.

Among our clients

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